Taiwan Rescues

Saving More Dogs from Taiwan

The worst Typhoon in documented history hit Taiwan in mid August of 2009. Typhoon Morakot brought catastrophic damage, leaving over 700 people dead and roughly 3.3 billion USD in damages. Animal rescue wasn’t easy in Taiwan before the typhoon, so you can imagine what it’s like now. There are too many dogs and not enough homes. When our friend from Taiwan contacted us following the Typhoon, we were anxious to try to help out. In September, we brought over two more dogs from Taiwan, and in December, we will take a couple more. These dogs are sweet and gentle and seem so grateful to have our care. We are so pleased to be able to give them a chance to have a safe life.


taiwan-typhoon-1 taiwan-typhoon-2


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  1. Kathleen Said,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the good works you do. I sadly had to put my little corgi companion to sleep over Thanksgiving weekend. It has broken my heart. I don’t understand people that can be so cruel to a defenceless animal. These stories are heart warming..
    I may get another dog, but not a puppy, which is why I was looking at dog rescue groups.

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