Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Indigo Rescue!

  • Volunteer Email List:  If you’d like to know about any of our volunteer opportunities – from stuffing envelopes, to fostering a homeless pet, to building fences, to helping out at a dog wash or jewelry sale – please send an email to volunteerindigo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to sign up for our volunteer email list. This is the main way we communicate with our volunteers about all events. You will receive an average of two emails per week with announcements about volunteer opportunities including notifications of pets in need of foster homes.  If you want to unsubscribe, follow Yahoo’s instructions at the bottom of one of the emails.

  • Foster Application: If you are interested in fostering, you can complete our foster application and either fax it to us at: 888-502-7660, or scan it and email it as a PDF to us at: info@indigorescue.org. Fosters will still need to subscribe to our Volunteer Yahoo Group in to be advised of our outreach dates, etc.  Indigo Volunteer_Foster App_2017
  • Adoption Events: Our adoptable pets are all in foster homes.  To give potential adopters a chance to meet our foster dogs, we bring them to an adoption event every other Saturday at the Beaverton PetSmart (Cedar Hills Blvd & Walker Rd) from noon to 4 p.m..  We can always use extra help at these adoption events!  We need volunteers to sit with the adoptable dogs, walk them around the store and outside for potty, and answer questions from potential adopters.  To help in this capacity you must be strong enough to handle a dog on leash and know enough about dog interactions to be able to tell when two dogs aren’t getting along and should sit apart from one another.  Don’t worry – we’ll only have you baby-sit a dog that is appropriate for your experience level and comfort level.  You can also come early and help us set up or stay late to help us pack up.

  • Pet Photography: Most of our dogs get adopted by people who see them on Petfinder.com.  So of course it helps to have great, cute pictures of the dogs online.  If you have a knack for pet photography, come to our adoption events and snap some great shots of our pets.  We’ll post the best pictures on petfinder.com.  Warning – it is hard to photograph excited, squirmy, distracted pups!

  • Jewelry: We hold a huge annual jewelry sale to raise funds for our operations.  We receive donations of jewelry from all over the country!  We need people to help price the jewelry and to work at the sale.

  • OCU at Indigo Ranch: We frequently have Saturday work days out at Indigo Ranch in Vernonia.  We do all kinds of things out there – caring for the chickens, playing with the dogs, building and repairing fences, gardening, etc… It’s a really fun environment for Portland city slickers.  How often do we get to gather eggs or do work that doesn’t involve a computer?  Not often enough!  We also need people to promote OCU at Indigo Ranch (the training and boarding business we started to fund our rescue work) at pet supply shops, vets, etc…)

  • Fostering: We are always searching for foster homes for the dogs and cats we help. Here’s how it works for fostering dogs:

When the county shelter is full and is forced to make the difficult decision to make space by euthanizing potentially adoptable dogs they call us and ask us whether we can take the dogs. In some cases these are animals who are injured or sick or are failing in the shelter environment. We are often the only option for saving these dogs lives. We then call our network of fosters and/or send an S.O.S. email to our volunteer list. At this point we have limited information about the dogs in need. We might have a breed or breed mix guess, an age estimate and we might have some indication of whether the dog would be good with other dogs or cats. We try to match foster families with foster dogs that will work with them. If you have older, small dogs we won’t match you with a young, energetic lab. If your female dog doesn’t like females, we wouldn’t match you with a female foster dog. We can also ask the shelter to do a “cat test” to see whether the dog is cat obsessed. Given this information, our fosters step up and volunteer to save a life. The duration of a fostering commitment can vary depending on multiple factors. An estimate might be between two weeks and several months. We always appreciate when our fosters are able to project ahead and  know that they will be able to keep their foster dog until a new home can be found, since finding a new foster takes a foster home from another dog waiting in the shelter. Once we have a commitment from a new foster, we coordinate getting the dog to you. The dogs are often wound up or scared or dirty from being at the shelter. They may have kennel cough, which is a common but contagious upper respiratory virus and generally passes within a few days to a week. Kennel cough is very like a common cold in humans.

The foster dogs usually settle in after a day or two. We expect our fosters to deal with some challenges, but if things are absolutely not working out we will move the foster dog to a new home. If the dog needs any medical attention Indigo Rescue schedules the vet visit with our vet, and pays the bill. The foster family usually buys food, toys, etc… We require foster families to keep the foster dog safe – inside and crated if necessary, but not left unattended in the back yard. This is how dogs escape – especially in a new environment – and we don’t want that to happen. We will post the dogs on petfinder.com with the input of the foster family who can tell us more about the dog’s personality. This allows us to start the process of making a good match for the dog with a new family. We ask that the foster family tries to bring the foster dog to our adoption events every other Saturday for at least two hours. This is how potential adopters meet the dog. It is very important that fosters let us know ahead of time whether and when they are bringing their foster dog to adoption events; we need to know what to tell potential adopters.  If a potential adopter inquires about the dog between outreach dates, we may work with you to coordinate another time to do a private meet. Indigo Rescue does all of the screening of potential adopters and delivers the dog to the new home. We are relatively ‘picky’ about adoptive homes and look for families that are prepared to meet the specific needs of the dog and that have been good to the other companion animals they’ve owned. The foster family will have input in helping us decide which home/situation is best for the dog. Fostering is extremely rewarding. Fosters save lives. In addition, fostering brings awareness to the need for spay/neuter and adoption. Everyone you know will be exposed to the plight of so many wonderful dogs waiting at shelters. Fostering is a big commitment of time, energy and love, but the satisfaction and joy of taking a dog from death row to a loving home is immeasurable.

Questions?  Email us at info@indigorescue.org

Check out these examples of volunteer fun with Indigo Rescue!

Dog Wash Videos

Dog Wash Photos


Gonna Soak up the Sun!


Claudia and Magg


Domino gets a bath.


Doin’ the dastardly deed!


Grin and bear it!


Sweet Spirit (paralyzed) gets a bath…


Sasha is an annual customer who knows the drill!


Dr Mark, 35 nail trims later…


Oh Pulllleeeezzz…


Moon loves on the Husky puppy.


105 degree volunteers (or should we say troopers?!)

Santa Claws

(Our Santa is the best!)


With Maverick, holding his leash.


Santa with a sweet little puppy.


Same Santa, different suit!


And with a kitty friend…


Posing with a few Elves.


Santa and his helpers (at least one year.)

Jewelry, Newsletters, Parades, etc.


Jewelry sorting and pricing…


Pat polishes silver for the sale


Sorting newsletters (and eating) at McMenamins.


At the Hillsboro Dog Parade.


Illi holds our all-important banner!


Kristen, the best raffle girl

Hangin’ with the dogs (and cats)!


Fiona and Jacob


Donnie with Solomon.


Allison and Meeko.


Gretchen with her foster puppies.


Holly with Dyce on a snowy day.


Jaye and Izzie.


Jennifer and Daliah.


Katherine with a very sleepy Tango.


Kelly with Edward.


Laura and Taylor.


Lorenzo, Koi and Amie.


Krissy with Enzo.


Kristen and Bonsai.


Mary Lou with Dexter.


Matt with Oscar.


Meghan with Kernan.


Sophia with Dorrie.


Stephanie and the boys.


Susan and Pierre.

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