Indigo Rescue

Our mission

We provide specialized, life-saving intervention for animals with unique characteristics and needs that render them unadoptable by shelter standards.  We do this by:

  • Working with area shelters, rescue organizations and community members to identify animals in need.
  • Recruiting, training and providing on-going support to foster families.
  • Providing specialized medical and behavioral intervention where needed.
  • Working carefully to ensure ideal permanent placements.
  • Providing follow-up support to adopters.
  • Promoting spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.

Our mantra: “Never, never, never give up.”


Photos with Santa coming soon


Mark you calendars! We have the best Santa in town.

  • Saturday, December 5th at Petco Tanasbourne – 1-4 pm
  • Saturday, December 12th at Petco Tansbourne – 1-4 pm
  • Sunday, December 13th at Bethany Family Pet Clinic – Noon-5 pm

Spread the word by printing and sharing the flyer. 2015_Santa Flyer


Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Bring you dog and cut a tree at C.W. Baggenstos Farms. Friday through Sunday every weekend during December.

Print and share our flyer. Indigo Christmas Tree Charity Flyer Poster group 2015 set 2 4




2014 newsletter: ready and waiting for you to read!

2014 Year End Newsletter

As I reflect back over the last 16 years and our history of work, I am filled with pride. When we started our organization we didn’t plan to focus on the difficult cases from our local county shelters. We just wanted to help homeless and unwanted pets in general. But we soon realized that the vast majority of services concentrated on dogs who would be easy to place, even bringing in easy-to-place dogs from out-of state. The “hard ones” had no chance because no one wanted to take them on. I knew immediately that Indigo could be that chance for those left behind–the ones who weren’t going to be easy but still deserved a chance. In complete contrast to most organizations, we were going to be dealing in quality adoptions, rather than quantity. We were going to be a crucial part of the reduction in euthanasia boasted by the shelters in our community, and we were going to do it quietly –  from behind the scenes. Any of our fosters can tell you, our road isn’t an easy road, but we soldier on because we know it’s the right thing to do.

In this newsletter, you will read stories about some of those “hard ones”– some who’ve found homes, and some who are still looking. We hope you’ll see how truly worth saving each of them is.

You’ll also learn about some bold steps we’re taking to ensure that we will be able to continue to fill this unique need in our community, and we hope you’ll be moved to join us in this life-saving effort.

Heather Hines, Executive Director

heather and friends


A Huge Thank You to Woman’s World Magazine, who mentioned Indigo Rescue in their March 17th, 2014 issue on page 47 in an article titled: “Warm Hearts With Your Hobby”. Woman’s World told the women of the world that they could donate jewelry to our bi-annual jewelry sale fundraisers!

For any of you who are considering donating your jewelry, we accept any kind of jewelry; gold, silver, gems, vintage, rhinestones, fine costume and fun costume and we provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Jewelry Donations can be mailed to Indigo Rescue:
PO Box 554 Beaverton, OR 97075


Who doesn’t shop at

You can support Indigo Rescue while shopping at Amazon Smile. Check it out!

Indigo Rescue And Adoption Inc



Click HERE to read some of our Rescue Stories.

The photo below is Imann, who continues to need assistance. 


   Check out our second business venture: 

   Order a custom vinyl decal of YOUR OWN PET that you can boast on your car window!!

   And remember, 100% of the profits from go back into our rescue organization!





Homestyle Boarding in the Country!
To provide continued funding for our rescue work, Indigo Rescue created a beautiful homestyle dog boarding ranch in the country in Vernonia, Oregon, called Oregon Canine University at Indigo Ranch (aka Indigo Ranch). Situated on 16 acres of beautiful countryside on the Nehalem River, Indigo Ranch is a dog’s dream vacation location. 100% of the profits from our homestyle boarding services provided at Indigo Ranch go directly into our non-profit rescue organization to fund and expand on our rescue and spay/neuter efforts.

Click here to learn more about Indigo Ranch and the best vacation your dog will ever have!


GIFT CARDS (scrip)

Help raise money for Indigo Rescue while shopping at your favorite stores or dining at your favorite restaurants!

Ordering gift cards through Indigo Rescue is a great way to help us raise money without spending any extra money!

What is our gift card program? Scrip is regular gift cards, but when you buy them from us, the vendors donate a percentage of the gift card value to Indigo Rescue. It does not cost you extra because you purchase your scrip gift cards dollar for dollar and spend them just like cash!

Learn more about our Gift Card program here!


Some of our rescues take a long, long time to rehabilitate and eventually find a home.

The ongoing costs of taking care of these long term dogs and cats can be a real hardship for us, but we will never, never, never give up our commitment to their success.

If you can help us by sponsoring one of these rescues, you can make a big difference.It’s easy, and so important. Just go to our Paypal link under Donate and indicate which animal you’d like to sponsor when you set up your monthly contribution.

Here are some examples of our long term rescues you could sponsor.


Mitzi is currently recovering from her recent back surgery. She gets daily laser treatments, physical therapy, and water therapy. 

Current cost of her surgery and rehabilitation is $5,000.00. 

UPDATE: Take a look at Mitzi now that she’s recovered.


Amber is awaiting surgery for double luxating patellas. 

Imann (aka Nonnie)

 We’ve had Imann since she was eight weeks old. She needed to have emergency open heart surgery for a condition called a “Persistent Right Aortic Arch”. Imann barely survived surgery and then developed a unique variety of a mega esophagus. After nearly one year, we finally discovered that feeding her without vomiting requires her eating her meals liquified (we call it a “meat shake”), and divided into one cup increments, then fed to her 15-20 minutes apart. In October, 2012, Imann, a pure German Shepherd, was 15 months old and weighed in at 26lbs. Approximately one third of the weight of an average adult female German Shepherd. The good news is that she is still growing, and the longer she goes between vomiting sessions, the bigger she will hopefully get. Maybe she’ll only be 25-30lbs for her entire life, and we’ll live with that — as long as she’s happy!

Read more


Will you consider a $10 monthly donation to help us continue our work?

Hello everyone, I am writing today to ask for your support. As we all know, our economy is hurting. It seems there is no one who has not been affected adversely somehow by our country’s financial woes. Indigo Rescue is no exception. Donations are way down. Adoptions are slow. Foster homes are harder and harder to find, but the county shelters continue to call and ask us for our help in taking dogs. We have partnerships with three county shelters and we really want to help them save lives! Remember, our commitment is to take dogs when they are injured (because the counties don’t have funding to pay for their vet care), sick, terrified, or just over capacity. In short, while we continue to grow our business at the ranch and save as many shelter animals as possible, we are worrying about running out of funds to continue to do our work.

Now comes the hard part. I wish, more than any of you could possibly imagine, that we could do our work without asking for money, but that just isn’t possible so I’d like you to consider whether you might be able to make a $10 monthly contribution to Indigo Rescue via Paypal. Once per month, you would be charged just $10 to your account. Over an entire year, that would be a fully tax deductible $120. Please think about it. If even 50 people could make this commitment, it would bring us $6000 of annual income we desperately need. Ask your animal loving friends if they can help us by making the same donation. Please feel free to post on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else you think it might get us the support we need. If you think you can spare $10 per month to help us continue doing our much needed rescue work, please sign up for a monthly contribution today. It would mean the world to us, and will definitely mean the difference in how much we can do to help animals.

Go to: Thank you all so much for your support!!

-- Heather Hines Director Indigo Rescue never never never give up


Did you know that cats are still euthanized everywhere in the country at a rate much higher than dogs? There are still too many intact cats and too many people who don’t have their cats spayed or neutered. So, in honor of the annual Spay Day USA event, Indigo Rescue, in collaboration with several local animal welfare organizations participates in the annual Tom and Mom Cat Special. From Valentine’s Day through St Patrick’s Day every year, participating veterinarians spay or neuter cats of low income households at a super low rate of only $10! Our animal welfare organizations coordinate the entire event and fundraise to subsidize the cost of the spays. This is a HUGE opportunity to reduce the tragic cat overpopulation problem.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Tom and Mom Cat Special and earn more about this much needed event at:

Thank You!

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