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We provide specialized, life-saving intervention for animals with unique characteristics and needs that render them unadoptable by shelter standards.  We do this by:

  • Working with area shelters, rescue organizations and community members to identify animals in need.
  • Recruiting, training and providing on-going support to foster families.
  • Providing specialized medical and behavioral intervention where needed.
  • Working carefully to ensure ideal permanent placements.
  • Providing follow-up support to adopters.
  • Promoting spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.
  • Assisting and coaching people in search and rescue efforts for lost pets.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our adoption partners who generously support our continued efforts:
Natures Pet: Three westside locations!!
Tanasbourne Petco: 18200 NW Evergreen Pkwy Beaverton
Tanasbourne PetSmart: 1295 NW 185th Hillsboro
Pets on Broadway: 2762 NE Broadway Portland

Visit Our Sponsor! Page

We created a page to showcase the dogs and cats in our care with special medical needs. Of course, our hope is to take care of them and go on to find those special, kind-hearted homes to adopt them, but without an adoptive home, they become our “hospice” pets. They will stay with us until they pass away from whatever age-related health complications they may have.

Visit our Sponsor!  page to meet these great kiddos and find out how to make a donation to help them. You can help us to support them and make staggering differences in their lives. Take a look at Patchouli before and after the care she received to recover from malnutrition and mange (not to mention having a litter of puppies).

patchoulibefore-1 patchouliafterfurgrew
Patchouli: Before Patchouli: After


Who Doesn’t Shop at

You can support Indigo Rescue while shopping at Amazon Smile. Smart shoppers use Check it out!

Indigo Rescue And Adoption Inc


Rescue Stories

Click HERE to read some of our rescue stories.

The photo below is Imann, who continues to need assistance. Visit our Sponsor! page to find out more about how you can help our hospice and special needs kiddos. 


Homestyle Boarding in the Country

 To provide continued funding for our rescue work, in 2007, Indigo Rescue created a beautiful homestyle dog boarding ranch in the country in Vernonia, Oregon, called  Indigo Ranch . Situated on 16 acres of beautiful countryside on the Nehalem River, Indigo Ranch is a dog’s dream vacation location with live in staff 24/7.   100% of the profits from our homestyle boarding services provided at Indigo Ranch go directly into our non-profit rescue organization to fund and expand on our rescue and spay/neuter efforts.

Click here to learn more about Indigo Ranch and the best vacation your dog will ever have!

Imann (aka Nonnie)

 We’ve had Imann since she was eight weeks old in summer of 2011. This sweet little German Shepherd puppy was starving to death and needed to have emergency heart surgery for a condition called a “Persistent Right Aortic Arch”. Imann barely survived surgery and then developed a unique variety of a mega esophagus. After nearly one year, we finally discovered that feeding her without vomiting requires her eating her meals liquified (we call it a “meat shake”), divided into one cup increments, and fed to her 15-20 minutes apart. In October, 2012, Imann, a pure German Shepherd, was 15 months old and weighed in at 26lbs. Approximately one third of the weight of an average adult female German Shepherd. The good news is that she is still growing, and the longer she goes between vomiting sessions, the bigger she will hopefully get. Maybe she’ll only be 25-30lbs for her entire life, but we can live with that — as long as she’s happy!

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One of our beautiful Hurricane Katrina rescue dogs

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