At the very last minute, a judge surprised everyone and found the owner of Lily guilty of second degree animal neglect in the case of our Lily! The owner had reported Lily (a Pit bull pup) to the shelter as a stray, saying she had found her at the park. She was emaciated and had urine scalds on her feet (from standing in a crate in her own excrement.) The shelter staff was suspicious because Lily acted very upset when the woman left (silly Lily didn’t realize it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her!)

After several news channels ran a story looking for someone to say who owned the dog, a neighbor came forward and said the dog belonged to the defendant. Lily spent nearly two months at the shelter and really needed to get out so we took her on December 5th. With good food, lots of play time with other dogs, and plain old L-O-V-E, Lily has turned into a really sweet girl.

Lily’s owner spent one night in jail and was ordered to serve 80 hours of community service and can not have an animal for a term of five years. She will be on a formal probation for two years. it may not seem like enough, but it’s better than them having found her not guilty.

Yay for Lily! Let’s hope this case is an example for others who abuse or neglect their dogs.





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