Our visit with Santa was a big success this year. Thanks to Dr. Mark for letting us set up our photo shoot in the Bethany Family Pet Clinic lobby. We saw many friends, 2-legged and 4-legged, and had the best time ever. And thanks to 13 years with the best Santa ever! To download any or all photos, check out this site. https://plus.google.com/photos/111402534244062834450/albums/5954096014135332961


Catch up on what we’ve been up to during 2013 and find out how you can get involved!

2013 Year End Newsletter


It goes without saying that neither men nor women can resist a snuggly puppy.  Special thanks to our adorable puppies who kept being cute, even when they were thoroughly pooped. The Puppy Kissing Booth is a fundraiser at the Portland International Beerfest, sponsored by PetCross, and in support of Indigo Rescue, Animal Aid, Feral Cat Coalition and the Oregon Spay Neuter Fund.


Thanks Volunteers!

On March 10th, we got together at The Old Spaghetti Factory to honor our fabulous volunteers.

Take a look. Lots of nice raffle prizes and acknowledgement of all the help Indigo received in 2012.


RIP John Burns

Indigo Rescue lost a valued friend and volunteer last week. John Burns passed away last Sunday, January 27th, 2013 from a massive heart attack. He was 56 years old.

John was extremely active in supporting Indigo Rescue. He did most of his volunteer work at Indigo Ranch, and spent nearly every weekend for more than a year working on various projects for us. He was a huge part of building Dorm II and Dorm III, the Bunny Bungalow, and the sheltered outside area for the chickens. John was extremely knowledgeable, creative, and a hard worker. Most important, he was a big lover of animals, and very supportive of the work we do. John was a crusader on other levels too. Because he had an autistic son, he was always working to improve options for education available to autistic people. He worked tirelessly to improve the Beaverton School District as an advisor to their budget committee. He was also a music lover and fought to save the music programs in our schools. Everyone who spent any amount of time with him, knew of his passion to right wrongs and defend those who were weaker. As my next door neighbor and friend, he was also a big support to me in my day to day work for Indigo Rescue.

John will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace, my friend.

John’s obituary:



Santa visited with a bunch of our pets this weekend at the Beaverton PetSmart. Thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work. Santa, Santa’s personal elf (Robert) and the other elves, CarrieMarie, Tara, Alicia, Jaye, Vivian, Kristen, Katie, April, Emanuel, Heather, and Claudia.

To view or download the photos we took, visit the following links. You can start the slide show, and then save a photo to your local hard drive.
Google+ Link for Saturday, Dec 8th:

Photobucket Link for Saturday, Dec 8th:


Google+ Link for Sunday, Dec 9th:
Photobucket Link for Sunday, Dec 9th:

These hats were lovingly crocheted by one of our volunteer’s grandmother, Ruby, who crocheted them in honor of her dog, Ginger. The hats are crocheted using yarn from our own five sweet Alpaca boys, Wallace, Webber, Winston, Wyatt and Waylon. We do not dye or treat their yarn, so it is in the natural colors of the boys, dark brown, chocolate brown, tan, and off-white. The hats with extra colors added, such as light blue, red, dark green, peach and very-white, are from our Alpacas and the added colors are sheep wool. The hat that is long is the same design as the ones with the thick rim, just folded down.

Did you know that Alpaca yarn is considered three times warmer than sheep’s wool?? Toasty!!

Priced at $30.00 each (included shipping and handling). To order a hat, please pay via our Paypal link under Donate, and indicate in the memo which hat you are ordering. Or, you can mail a check and indicate the hat number in the memo of your check. Thank you!

           SOLD!! SOLD!!

Thanks to the boys for donating their fur for yarn!