Taiwan Dogs

We’ve rescued 21 dogs from Taiwan. Some people have asked whether we really needed to rescue dogs from another country, when there are so many homeless dogs in our own community. It’s a reasonable question, and our response is this: A dog is a dog. They have no control over where they’re born or what circumstance they end up in. When we know about dogs who are in a bad situation, we try to help. We don’t discriminate any more for them being from another country than we would for them being in another state (see “Fresno.”) Most dogs from Taiwan live on the streets, surviving on whatever handouts they can find. A few kind hearted people try to help them. If you look into these dogs eyes it hurts your heart to know they have suffered this indignity, and to turn away from them because they’re not from Portland would be yet another tragedy. We’re proud to have been able to help them. Once again a HUGE thanks to our amazing foster homes for stepping up, over and over and over…

aeon-2 apple-2
bai-bai-1 bobo-3
bonny chocolate-2
flora-full kiwi
libby mimi
malloy-adoptions maya-2
monday-3 mei
snowboots wanda-cute
tone-3 reddy-coy
heather-at-sea-tac yoyo-smile
puddin-smile echo-2
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  1. Judy and Sue Said,

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Heather and Indigo for bringing us Millie (formerly Maya). She is the forlorn looking little one, 6th one from the top on the right in the Taiwan photo display. She has grown since she came to live with us, not forlorn any more, she is a happy girl! Her favorite thing is to lie at the top of the steps on the deck, in the sun, with her precious ring toy beside her. She loves her brother Harry (dalmatian) and the cats, and she loves life. Thanks again to Heather, Indigo, and the folks at “the Ranch”!

  2. Marla Gomez Said,

    Marla & her daughter Dani say THANK YOU to Indigo for letting us adopt Mei Lin. She is the reddish brown dog with big ears to the right of the reddish brown husky with a dog tag hanging down and her tongue hanging out. She is the sweetest dog we could ever ask for, is so devoted to us, and just loves kids and pretty much all people. Her favorite thing is to hang out in the front patio in the sun (if there is any) and run free at local portland trails. She very much thinks she is human and loves to lay on our beds. We love her so much!!!! People always look at her and wonder what she is. Most of my daughter’s friends think she is the best dog ever too and super cute. We think she has a lot of Australian Kelpie in her as a breeder stopped us on the street to find out where we got her. We were happy to say she was a rescue! We wish we could get another dog just like her!

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