Our Perspective on Breeding (Ouch, this one hurts).

Our (Indigo Rescue) philosophy on breeding is simple and it won’t ever change.  In our world of rescue, there is no difference between responsible breeders, backyard breeders, or puppy mills. The fact that some do a cleaner, healthier version of breeding doesn’t change the bottom line. Until we (our country) are not euthanizing ANY dogs or cats simply because there are not enough homes, there is NO excuse for adding to the pet overpopulation problem by breeding more dogs and cats who take homes from other dogs or cats who will then die. There is NO excuse. Not love of the breed, not preservation of the breed, nothing. If we (animal lovers) worked really hard together, we could one day stop this tragedy, and once the only pets euthanized are for unrecoverable illness or behavior, we could allow some controlled breeding to retain breeds or traits.

Until then, and unless every breeder is willing to spend at least one day ending the lives of all the healthy, sweet mutts and purebreds who have to die that day at shelters for lack of space or homes, they have no business preaching about being “responsible”,  or even loving animals. Death is death. The animals who don’t find homes and end up euthanized because frivolous people choose to buy specific breeds from breeders, didn’t do anything that warranted their death. If people would just spend a day or two exploring the options that are available in shelters and rescues across our country, they might find they don’t “have to have” a specific breed after all.

Did we mention this would hurt?!

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