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At Indigo Rescue our goal is to end animal abandonment: to reduce the number of pets surrendered to shelters or left on the streets to try to survive on their own. We do this by encouraging people to select pets that fit their lifestyle and by trying to ensure that our pets are adopted to compatible homes. Many pets end up in shelters because their families don’t include them in their moving plans or because their families believe the pet is causing or aggravating allergies. Pets flood the shelters in early July when fireworks scare them into fleeing. Pets who got bored living in the backyard fill the shelters. Pets whose owners don’t give them any training end up in shelters.

With some of the links below, we hope to provide information that will prevent pets from ending up in shelters. We also want to help assure happy, healthy, successful adoptions for everyone so we have provided additional articles to assist you in choosing the right pet for your family and lifestyle and keep your pet healthy.

Every day animal rescue organizations listen to people give a host of reasons why they have to give up their pet and the work can be daunting. For that reason, we’ve added a few random articles for your entertainment. We hope you enjoy them:



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