Dispelling the Myths about Pit Bulls

Don’t let the breed name scare you.

Did you know…

  • The Little Rascals dog Petey was a Pit bull.
  • The Buster Brown dog was a Pit bull.
  • American legend Helen Keller chose a Pit bull as her companion.
  • The most decorated dog in US military history was a heroic Pit bull named Stubby.
  • The American Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds, and Pit bulls tested fourth highest.

We frequently meet people in their sixties and older who had Pit bulls growing up as family pets and there were never any incidents and their parents never worried… hmmm. What does this tell us? Greedy or neglectful people have trained these otherwise loyal, affectionate dogs to be aggressive (to protect drug stashes) or fight other dogs (a blood sport). The media has fueled a community panic because of these inhumane individuals and their irresponsible behavior.

Pit bulls are great dogs! When raised with love and good training, they can be the best, most loyal, intelligent, gentle companions. Of course, like all dogs, Pit bulls have their individual traits, and must be trained and well socialized from an early age. Just as any dog will, when a Pit bull is left tethered in an unfenced yard for their entire life without training or attention, these dogs become frustrated and lacking in social skills. When they finally escape their yards, they can become aggressive. It is the responsibility of the owner to spay or neuter their dog, and provide it with the social skills it needs to become a terrific companion.

Don’t just believe what you hear on the media. Open your hearts and see for yourselves.

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  1. Mai Said,

    Yes, I agree, but try telling that to the many apartment complexes that won’t rent to owners with pits or pit mixes.

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