Fresno was a 4.5 month old puppy who was shot in the shoulder and left in a ditch to die in Fresno, California. After four days of people driving by the ditch thinking the pup was already dead, someone noticed that he moved his head. In one of the pics from his rescue we can see by his contorted position that this poor puppy held himself up with one front leg so that he did not drown in the ditch.

Carly Banks and Jana Huey came to the rescue of Fresno (Our heroes!). They pulled him from the ditch and arranged to have a vet examine and x-ray him. The vet determined that Fresno had a fractured femur (rear leg) and at least three fractures to his pelvis/hip. The estimate for his surgeries was $6000. The women posted an ad on Craigs List trying to find help for Fresno and someone from German Shepherd Rescue saw their ad and posted it on a national GSD group list. From there, Paula Lynch from Oregon GSD rescue in Forest Grove saw the post and called to ask if we (Indigo Rescue) could help. That was Tuesday. Paula was so worried about Fresno that she was prepared to drive to Fresno, California to pick him up. (Hurray Paula!)

When we heard about Fresno, we decided this poor dog had been through enough! It made no sense for the dog to go through all that and then be euthanized for non-life threatening injuries. We called our fantabulous vet, Dr Mark, who always finds a way to help us out, even in the worst crisis (Dr Mark to the rescue!), and Paula and Carly arranged to have the puppy flown from Fresno via Alaska air, on Wednesday August 8th, 2007. He arrived in good condition and VERY SWEET! Eric Taylor, the reporter from KOIN TV covered Fresno’s arrival and sweet talked the staff at Alaska into waiving the fee for Fresno’s flight. (Good job Eric! Thank you Alaska!)

From there, we drove Fresno to the vet and they ordered the bone plates to repair his fractures. We hoped to have Fresno have surgery on Friday but the parts didn’t arrive in time so they did his first surgery today (Monday.) All went well. Dr Mark and Dr Bob put three screws in his fractured femur, and a bone plate with seven screws in the right side of his pelvis. There were apparently a total of four breaks in the pelvis and a lot of callous that was building up where the fractures were. Tomorrow they’ll go in and repair the left side of his pelvis (and neuter him to avoid yet another surgery.) Dr Mark says Fresno will need some rehabilitation for the contracture happening in his muscles and he’ll definitely have arthritis in his hip, but he says there’s no reason to believe he won’t lead an excellent life.

Meantime, Paula scrambled like crazy to raise money. She applied to a non-profit group called IMOM, who helps pay for animals with injuries, and they rallied to action and raised as much as $3000 toward Fresno’s surgeries (Great job IMOM!) Back in Fresno, Carly and Jana held a car wash fundraiser with a few of their friends and raised over $700. (Big thanks to Carly Banks, Kathy Banks, Janice Huey, Jana Huey, Sue Rutherford for their commitment to Fresno’s recovery!) $1500 has come in from the media exposure and our own terrific support network.

In the end, many people have come together to help this one little pup who somehow ended up discarded in a ditch by a road. We’ll never know exactly what happened to Fresno that resulted in his ending up in that dreaded position, but what we do know is that there are people who really care and it just took a few people taking a chance and being willing to go out of their way a little to save his life.

We think Fresno deserved it!

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Updated Video of Fresno’s Recovery – September 18, 2007

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