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Joining Indigo Rescue’s Chain of Love is a unique way to both contribute to our efforts, and memorialize or pay tribute to your cherished and beloved pets. The Chain of Love is a way to link all of us together through the love we share for our companion pets.The tribute is displayed on our “Cyber Chain,” which displays the tribute to your pet forever. If you choose to include a photo of your pet on the chain, we can include that, too.We ask a donation of $15.00 per tribute.To make your tribute, send us the following information:

  • Whether the tribute is “in memory of” or “in honor of”
  • Your companion’s name
  • Your family’s name
  • Message that you would like displayed

To make your donation by credit card, click the “Make a Donation” link below. You can email the tribute information and your companion’s photo to Another option is to make your donation and send us your tribute information by mail.


Indigo Rescue
PO Box 554
Beaverton, OR 97075-0554

In memory of
Indigo Hines
May 15, 1997
My Indigo, you have become inspiration for all of us,
and you live in my heart always.
In memory of


In memory of my dog Roxanne, rescued from Bonnie Hays in 1996, lost to cancer in April 2007. She was my faithful, trusting, loyal and loving companion for 11 years, I will always miss her.
In memory of


He was my ‘boy’ and just demanded the best. He believed that the world was his oyster inspite of huge challenges and loved every minute of it. I am learning many lessons… Hopefully soon, I will just remember all the goofy things he did to engage us all!
In memory of
She loved animals and life.
In memory of

Mommie and Tobie

Mommie and Tobie were very special cats that I loved with all my heart. Mommie was a sweet, gentle soul that always made a big effort to purr and make biscuits even though she was very tired. Tobie refused to let his thin body get in the way of going on walks, shouting for attention (which I gave him), and having a fighting spirit. It must have been difficult to live with a chronic illness, but they did so with courage and dignity. The only thing that makes me stop crying is to know that they are no longer suffering.
In memory of

Rome VanNevele
May 1, 2002

For our precious little girl, Rome. You lit up our lives and made each day joyful. We miss you so much and wish that we were together. It is not fair that you had to leave us so soon. Mummy and Daddy love you so very much, and know that one day we will meet again and you’ll be there waiting to give us your cute little howl and doggie kisses. You were the true meaning of BEST FRIEND. We love you, Rome. Hugs and kisses to you, sweetie.
In memory of
ZoeMay, 2003
We will miss you, our faithful and beloved friend.  Love Nancy & Betty
In honor of

Keno Wood-Anderson

August 23, 2001

Happy 10th Birthday, Cayenne Curry Chili Pepper Puppy Dog, you darling girl. Thanks for your bright smile and for being my sweet friend all these years.
In memory of

Cheyenne Hines

October 28, 2001

I miss you every single day. We’ll be together again someday,
I promise…I love you Cheyenne.
In memory of
Lottie Da Dahle
November 20, 2009
You were a wonderful part of our family – a great companion to our boys as they grew up, always cheerful and bringing light into our lives with a happy smile and wag of the tail. Your ever present passion for chasing a ball was an inspiration for us to appreciate the simple things in life that God gives us. We love you, Lottie backyard_thumb
In honor of


June, 2004

Whitney, Seth, Ash, Casey, Den, Momma Bear, Keahi. Abbey, we are so happy to have you back and we promise to always love you with all our hearts.  We thank all of our friends, like Claudia with Indigo rescue, and Bonnie, who helped us to be reunited.  We are forever in debt for the help and support that we were given to be blessed enough to have you back!
In memory of

Angel DeLuca

October 1991

Spookie’s mom, we love you and miss you Angel!
In honor of


The coolest foster cat in the world. Always give a stray a chance.
In memory of

Ivory King

Missy girl, what a lovely girl. Thanks for traveling the country with me and for being my kitty companion for 10 years.
In honor of

Jody Wood

August 23, 2001

Happy 5th Birthday, Jody Wheezy Heather Kitty Cat, my first kitty companion. I’m so glad to be “your” pillow every morning when you nestle under my chin and wake me with kitty kisses.
In memory of
Nermyl King
March 8, 2001
To little girl, the wife of Kingcat, you were the kindest natured cat we ever knew. You will never be forgotten.
In honor of
Patsy Wood
November 3, 2001
Patsy Cline Kitty Cat, you are the bravest “timid” cat I know. I’m so glad to see you every time you are brave enough to share a little spot next to me.
In honor of

Ms. Pi Wood

November 3, 2001

Thank you, Ms. Pi, for bringing grace and elegance to our home. And, thank you for being such a sweet “grandma” to Little Ricky.
In honor of

Ricky & Randy Wood

November 3, 2001

Little Ricky and Randy, sweet, shy brothers, you bring endless joy and fun to our home.
In honor of

Robertson Wood

June 22, 2001

Happy 4th Birthday, Dr. Robertson Kitty Cat, you tamer of timid, scared, and confused foster kitties. You are the best ambassador-cat I have ever had the privilege to know.
In memory of

Rusty Wood

October, 1999

To Rusty (Big Red): We didn’t have a lot of time together, but I’ll never forget your bravery and dignity during your long illness. You taught me so many lessons. We miss you. I know you’ve met lots of friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I’ll see you there sometime. Say “Hi” to Indigo for me.
In memory of

Cha Cha Gray

Thanks for being such a sweet and loyal cat; we all miss you. cha-cha
In memory of

Oslo Davenport-Severson

Rest in peace our sweet baby boy 09/16/2003 – 12/09/2010. Oslo was a great dog, full of a mischievous and quirky personality. We will always miss you and we love you very much. Someday we will see you again and give you all the belly rubs you request. oslo-davenport-severson
In honor of
Mary E. Petry
December, 2012
From Daisy who did not need to be rescued, and Tim, Barb and Max, who did.  
In memory of 

Billy Traut

February, 2013

 RIP sweet Billy. Thanks for being the most gentle, wonderful, funny dog. You are missed.  
In memory of

Elby Reagan

June 16, 2005

To my sweet Elby, you will always be the love of my life.  Finding you at 2 weeks old was the scariest and most amazing moment of my life.  I didn’t know what to do at first but we muddled through, didn’t we?  You were always the light of my life, the love of my heart, the angel that could always calm my every nerve.  The place you have in my heart is for all eternity.  I was blessed every day of the 15 years that I was with you and am continually blessed by your spirit.  I love you Sweet Pea – An extension of me in another form, keep my place next to you in Heaven warm.
In memory of

Disco Kawai

May 2, 2015

To my Disco, aka Papa Disc, the most laid back, sweet boy.  We’ll miss you.  We won’t say good-bye but see you later.  Love you always, Florence and kids Disco
In memory of

Mr. Bean Lee

May, 2015

It takes a very special person with a very big heart to rescue dogs from the streets. We know! Indigo Rescue has friends who do this difficult work in other countries. Mindy Lee rescued Mr. Bean wounded and homeless on the street in Taiwan in 2012, he lived with her and had two sisters names BoBo and Bear. He was loved and cherished as a prince in their family. He will be deeply missed. From Indigo Rescue to Mindy, we want to say thank you, for caring so much about the dogs of Taiwan. Mr Bean Lee_Mindy (1)
In memory of

Ruby Kawai

Passed  6/28/2015

Ruby, our sweet and shy matriarch is terribly missed by all.  I know with your severe heart issues you were living on borrowed time but we were lucky to have you with us as long as we did.  You enjoyed life to the fullest and even until the last moment you didn’t want to leave us but your heart gave you no choice.  I miss your twirling as you walked.  I see your trusting eyes whenever I gave you your twice daily meds.  You tolerated my singing and dancing as I carried you.  I hear the barking reminding me to hurry up to serve breakfast and dinner.   As the photo shows Ruby couldn’t wait to lay on the warm blankets and sheets right out of the dryer.   I will always be thankful for Ruby teaching me patience and determination no matter how bad and grim things look.  Love always,  your forever Mom Florence and kids 20131202_185002
 In memory of

Elmer Pelca

July, 2015

Thank you sweet soul.I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.We will be together again.  Elmer
In memory of

Nikko Borromeo

July 12, 2015

Our Nikko had many loves – morning walks, doggie treats, the occasional splash of spilled beer, and a good nap. However, we think what he really loved was companionship. Whether curling up to warm our feet, receiving his daily back and belly rubs, or just lying against us, he truly seemed to relish the contact. We will miss that aspect of him. We love you and we’ll see you again someday, Nikko. Nikko
In memory of


May 3, 2016

A beautiful young girl with so much will to live and love to share but your body just couldn’t fight any more.  Glad you were part of our lives no matter how short of a time period.  We love you and miss you!  It is not goodbye but see you later.    Florence and kids  20131202_185002
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