Butters – The biggest loser!

On April 14th, 2011, we rescued an approximately 3.5 yr old  Yellow Lab from Washington County who came in as a stray and weighed 142 lbs. Yes, Butters, as he was named, wasn’t a dog, he was a house! He had probably lived outside in a yard and free fed…all day long. THE POOR GUY! Butters could hardly stay on his feet and had to lay down just to eat. Because he had probably eaten poor quality food, he also had large patches of missing coat and he was greasy and smelly. Looking in Butter’s eyes, you could see that he was depressed. Obviously, no one was going to adopt this giant dog who could hardly move. And who was going to commit the time to fix this problem for him? Enter Indigo Rescue’s Doggie Fat Camp program!

I picked Butters up at the shelter and it took three of us just to load him up in the car. He was actually slippery, and that was after he’d already had a bath. I took him up to Dr Mark for a weigh in and make sure he was healthy enough for weight loss. Then off to Indigo Ranch to meet his new friends. Butters was thrilled to see some happy young dogs and you could tell he wanted to play with them so badly, but he just couldn’t stay on his feet long enough to play. He would lay down and when the other dogs would run over to visit with him, he would just wrestle with them while laying on the ground.

After two months on a very strict diet, Butters suddenly realized he could run! Not fast, mind you, but he could definitely run! He would chase the other dogs around as long as he could keep up. His coat was growing back in and changing colors from good nutrition. We were elated! A bit over two more months passed and Butters weighed in at 85lbs. He had lost 57lbs! His skin was still a bit saggy from all the weight loss, but he looked like a different dog! We placed him up for adoption where he found a great new family who was committed to his diet and event send us  updates. We were all so excited when we learned that Butters catches air when he chases his tennis ball. Butters can now live the life he was meant to have all along, and for us, Butters is definitely “the biggest loser!” We hope you enjoy the chronicle of Butters journey in photos below.

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