Our “Square Pegs” Philosophy

The fact is that some dogs and cats just don’t have a chance at a traditional shelter because they’re set up to help the “average” animal who finds itself without a home. And they do a pretty good job of serving the majority…the ones that conform…the ones that fit.

But what about the ones that don’t fit – those “Square Pegs” that will never fit into the round hole of services provided by shelters? Every day, animals at shelters are deemed un-adoptable for many reasons. Sometimes it’s a health issue or injury that shelters see as too costly or time-consuming to address. Other times its emotional instability– the byproduct of a lifetime of neglect or abuse. It doesn’t matter why they don’t fit – only that the shelter isn’t set up to help them. Without someone else stepping in, euthanasia is the inevitable outcome.

And that’s where Indigo comes in. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, and that the right home is out there for everyone. We take those “un-adoptable” Square Pegs and we find a place where they can fit. We provide them with the individualized care they need to succeed – to allow that non-conforming animal to develop into a one-of-a-kind pet. Whatever it takes… whomever it takes to do it.

What Sets Us Apart

Indigo doesn’t focus on numbers. We save one special animal at a time, creating a one-of-a-kind placement plan for each one of a kind pet. Ours are not the kind of animals that are easy to “flip.” It takes time. It takes patience. It takes experience and it takes ongoing resources.

But we know that resources are often in short supply in the animal rescue world. That’s why we have worked to make our efforts largely self-supporting with our for-profit home-style boarding facility, Indigo Ranch. We have decades of experience helping dogs that are traumatized by a shelter environment, so we are particularly well-suited to offer our canine guests a less stressful, home-like time away from home in a beautiful country setting.

100% of the money generated from Indigo Ranch is put into our Rescue efforts. The Ranch also provides a home for many rescued farm animals, including goats, a sheep, miniature donkeys, a club-footed pony, alpacas, chickens and way too many discarded “Easter Bunnies.”

Indigo doesn’t compete with other rescue efforts in the area. We work to fill the unmet needs of those animals that fall through the cracks of the animal rescue system– and we work hard to do whatever is needed to ensure that even the most special of pets ultimately finds the home where they belong.