Adoption failure is painful for everyone—especially for dogs and cats who have already been hurt so profoundly in their lives. Our first concern is that the animals be placed in the best possible home for them—a home that is equipped to handle their unique needs, and a home they will have for the rest of their lives. We think of them as wonderful and unique “square pegs” and we won’t ever try to force them into round holes. When we match you to one of our special animals, it will be for one reason only—we believe that your home and our animal are a good fit.

Our goal is finding a home they will have for the rest of their lives

Indigo Rescue is not a shelter; we are a network of fosters. All our adoptable pets are in foster homes. To meet a pet, complete and return our application so we can set up an appointment. If you have met one of our dogs at an in-store adoption event, please understand that we do not adopt “straight from the store.” We also do not adhere to a first-come, first-served philosophy. Our goal is that each adoption is permanent, and it takes time and due diligence to ensure a good match between the pet and its new family.