Below you’ll see just a few of our typical fundraising events…and volunteers drive them all! Sign up for our email alert list if you want to be notified of volunteer needs for these (and other) events:

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Jewelry Sales

Each year, hundreds of people from around the country send us fine and costume jewelry for which they no longer have need. We get everything —from 24K gold with genuine gemstones to plastic beads, and everything in between. We’ve even received a number of diamond wedding sets, valued at up to $10,000! What this means is that supporters eagerly anticipate our jewelry sales each year, where they have a huge selection at the best prices found anywhere. We also sell some of our more impressive pieces on line…and every penny of it goes to our rescue efforts!

We need volunteers for set-up and tear-down, not to mention to man the tables during the sale. If you have expertise in jewelry, we can always use you to help with pricing and even mending the occasional broken piece. And if you’ve got a particularly energetic few friends, we can always use you as a sign-spinner to drive customers to our sale.

Dog Washes

Dogs get dirty when they’re living the good life. That’s why our famous dog washes are so popular—and a great time to see so many of our Indigo alumni! We take over the parking lot at Bethany Family Pet Clinic, and the Bethany staff pitches in with the work as well. It’s a lot of fun and we always need volunteers who aren’t afraid to get a little bit soggy.

Puppy Kissing Booths

Well, this isn’t really a “kissing” event, per se. It’s really more like a “pay us to play with puppies for a few minutes” kind of thing! Not only do we raise a lot of money doing these events, but they also serve to socialize the pups and get them used to being around people and a lot of activity…and that makes them better pets when they eventually go to their forever homes!

We need volunteers to monitor the action, take money, etc. and, OK, maybe even PLAY with the puppies yourself…you know… It’s a tough job but we need people to do it!

Photos With Santa

The venue may change but the fact remains that Santa always looks his best when he’s doing these photo shoots for us! We do these events for pets but, because Santa always looks so spiffy, we always get some two-legged friends as well. We need volunteers to take money, manage the crowd, wrangle the animals and/or just hang around in an elf costume and add a little atmosphere to the occasion!

Yard Sale for Pets

We have so many animal-related products donated to us that we are able to have a HUGE yard sale most years, with just about everything you might need for just about any kind of pet! We need volunteers to help set up, to take money, to monitor the crowd, to tear down — all those jobs that make having a yard sale such an exhausting endeavor. If you are an early-riser, you are especially suited for this job, but we fill out the schedule in shifts so even if you sleep in, there’s a place for you!

Beer Fest

We’ve found a great deal at the Portland Beer Fest—We provide volunteers (who are 21+) to pour beer for them, and they give us money for every hour our volunteers work! It’s a fun job (and it gets you in to the festival free) and you can usually visit us at the puppy kissing booth when you’re done with your shift. Essentially, it’s everything you could ever want in a charitable activity!