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​Weekly Adoption Events

Our adoptable pets are all in foster homes. To give potential adopters a chance to meet our dogs, we bring them to them to various pet stores in the Portland/Beaverton area, and we can always use extra help! We need volunteers to sit with the adoptable dogs, walk them around the store (and outside for potty breaks,) and answer questions from potential adopters. To help in this capacity you must be strong enough to handle a dog on leash and be familiar enough with canine body language to know if two dogs might need a break from one another. Don’t worry – we’ll only have you paired with a dog that is appropriate for your experience and comfort level. You can also come early and help us set up or stay late to help us pack up. These events are only for meeting potential adopters. We do not adopt “straight from the store.” These events are also very important for socializing many of our dogs that need to learn some social graces.

A Day at the Ranch

We frequently have Saturday work days at Indigo Ranch in Vernonia. We do all kinds of things out there – caring for the chickens, playing with the dogs, building and repairing fences, gardening, etc. If you are a city slicker, you might enjoy the change of scenery, fresh air and the satisfaction of hard work for a good cause.

Fundraising Event Volunteers

We’ve got a lot going on—all the time! Whether it’s our popular jewelry sales, Dog Washes, Pictures with Santa, Beer Fest, or Puppy Kissing Booths, there’s always something you can do to pitch in—and have a great time while you do it. Check out our “Events” page to learn more.

Get Started as an Indigo Volunteer

Before you join us for the first time, please fill out our quick volunteer application so we’ll know who you are. Either fax it to us at: 888-502-7660 or scan it and email it as a PDF to us at info@indigorescue.org. We’ll follow up to see where you fit and, if there is any additional training necessary for the volunteer task you’ve chosen, we’ll notify you to make sure you are well-prepared.